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  • Familiar, sleek aesthetic

  • 大量家庭影院功能

  • 伟大的电影拳


  • Sound falls short for music

  • 远程仍然需要工作

SP9YA以合适的价格是一个很好的解决方案,对于简化的Dolby Atmos所吸引的人。

SP9YA列入了一类音符,其中包括杰出的Samsung HW-800T。除此之外,LG的新酒吧必须与Vizio令人印象深刻的环绕atmos系统竞争Elevate,,,,as well as budget Dolby Atmos systems like theVizio M-Series 5.1.2MOMPRICE SB-600that cost hundreds less. It all amounts to a tough task of finding sure footing in a Dolby Atmos landscape that seems to expand exponentially by the day.


  • Height x Width x Depth:2.2 inches x 48.03 inches x 5.7 inches (bar), 15.4 inches x 8.7 inches x 12.3 inches (subwoofer)
  • 重量:13.9 pounds (bar), 17.2 pounds (subwoofer)
  • 演讲者/司机:两个前扬声器,一个中央扬声器,两个周围的扬声器,两个前高度扬声器,一个低音炮
  • Amplification:520 watts of claimed amplification
  • Wireless connection:蓝牙,wifi
  • 有线连接:HDMI eARC/ARC input/output, spare HDMI input, one optical input, one USB port
  • Sound formats:Dolby Atmos,Dolby Digital,Dolby Digital Plus,Dolby TrueHD,DTS:X DTS-HD Master Audio,DTS-HD高分辨率,FLAC,WAV,WAV,MP3,AAC,AAC,OGG,OGG,OGG
  • Video support:4K传球,杜比视觉,HDR10
  • 保修单:One-year limited warranty for parts and labor


One of the benefits here is the pure ease of setup. Once you’ve plugged in and connected to your display, you’re set. There are no additional wires to hide, or speakers to position. Essentially, just plug, play, and enjoy.

What we like

A familiar, sharp aesthetic

The LG SP9YA is a 5.1.2 soundbar system featuring Dolby Atmos

LG SP9YA提供了时尚的美感,让人联想到其年长的亲戚Sn9yg。

我们喜欢的,苗条的LG之前的设计version of this soundbar, thesn9yg。And, since the company kept the dimensions and appearance of the SP9YA almost identical to its predecessor (seriously, the SP9YA doesn’t deviate a single inch nor ounce from last year’s model), it stands to reason that design is once again a highlight in this latest iteration.


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The LG SP9YA is a 5.1.2 soundbar system featuring Dolby Atmos

LG SP9YA包括一台无线低音炮,像Sonos这样的竞争对手尤其没有。

The SP9YA’s spec sheet is basically an endlessly scrolling column of "yeses." It supports all of the buzzword formats you'd expect, from Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to 4K/HDR passthrough, including both Dolby Vision and HDR10. With the inclusion of the increasingly commonHDMI eARC input/outputfor easy operation and compression-free audio with supported TVs, as well as an additional HDMI input, the SP9YA checks the important boxes for a premium bar in 2021.

LG goes further, though, including Hi-Res Audio support up to 24bit/192kHz. It also features both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, with support for Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Apple AirPlay 2, along with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility. It may not quite be the Swiss Army Knife of support that the Sonos Arc is, but it’s very Sonos-esque in this sense. And that’s a good thing.

The previous edition of this soundbar had built-in Google Assistant, but the SP9YA drops the onboard microphone, meaning you’ll need to employ a smartphone, smart speaker, or smart hub if you want to use voice commands. I couldn’t get my亚马逊回声秀8为了调整SP9YA上的音量,但是我可以通过使用我的声音开始和停止音乐,更改曲目并提起特定的播放列表。为了我的需要,这足够好。

Great sound for movie lovers

The LG SP9YA is a 5.1.2 soundbar system featuring Dolby Atmos

LG SP9YA的无线低音炮包装非常强大。

很方便地,我们的SP9YA评论单位及时出现在迪士尼+热门系列的每周首映之前设置洛基。As luck would have it, the latest episode offered a wide range of opportunities to test the new bar’s chops, including dialogue-heavy scenes and sequences that were jam-packed with action.

Throughout the episode—and during watches of a variety of other content, from大勒博夫斯基戴夫——SP9YA交付。就算有七个司机housed in a single enclosure, dialogue emitting from the bar’s center channel comes through with impressive clarity.

在某个世界末日的结论中洛基episode (no spoilers!), the SP9YA also offered a stellar sense of immersion thanks to its upfiring drivers. Projectile objects hurtling down from the sky sounded like they actually came from above, as did toppling buildings and crumbling structures.

Another new Marvel property,黑寡妇,展示了相同的Dolby Atmos能力。在充满令人印象深刻的动作序列的电影中,令人印象深刻的动作序列中,我被LG的向后射手加入了Black Widow与电影的对手之间的空中摊牌所吸引。当碎片在空中战斗周围朝向地球围着地球时,酒吧竭尽所能使我正处于自由落体的中间。


What we don’t like


The LG SP9YA is a 5.1.2 soundbar system featuring Dolby Atmos

For movies, the SP9YA proves to be an exceptional pairing underneath a solid 4K display.

There was an unnatural quality plaguing the sound signature of last year's SN9YG, and it seems to have found its way to the SP9YA. I didn’t experience it nearly as much with movies and TV, but most music I auditioned had a metallic tendency embedded in its sound signature. George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord,” for instance, was notably missing the warmth that makes it such a charming track. It’s still a moderately pleasant listening experience, but it’s just not the lovely rendition I look forward to every time I cycle through a Marvel rewatch and land onGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

To be clear, I wouldn’t go as far as describing this sound as “bad,” and the average listener will probably be content with it—it’s a small sample size, but my significant other couldn’t discern any real issues with the sound. And, after revisiting the bar’s musical chops and playing with the audio settings, I’ll admit that listening to music through the SP9YA grew on me over time. That said, it's not the wonderfully musical sound found in competitors like the Sonos Arc orSamsung HW-800T

There are several sound effects to sort through, an AI Room Calibration feature, and available speaker-by-speaker adjustments that can be made to try and dial in the SP9YA to your specific tastes. However, while it has good sound overall, we prefer the Sonos or Samsung counterparts for music.

The new remote could still use a button or two

The LG SP9YA is a 5.1.2 soundbar system featuring Dolby Atmos

The SP9YA's new remote has a fresh redesign, though it could benefit from an extra button or two.

The SP9YA has a new remote that features a major facelift from last year’s handheld controller, and LG deserves credit for rolling out a sleeker successor with a better layout of controls. Technically, you can make most, if not all the sound adjustments you need with the SP9YA’s remote. Still, dedicated buttons for tinkering with essential settings like subwoofer response or even height levels would have elevated a good redesign into a great one.

LG’s accompanying soundbar app does help close the gap in this department. It features a straightforward interface that puts every essential setting in front of you: you can run the AI Room Calibration feature, toggle between sound effects, or adjust the decibel levels of each individual speaker in the system. It’s not quite in Sonos territory, with an app that’s so comprehensive the Arc arrives without a remote, but it proved to be a consistently useful tool for controlling the SP9YA.


Yes, as long as the price is right

如果您可以以接近700-800美元的价格获得SP9YA,那么直接推荐就容易得多。对于那些被其所有Wi-Fi Wiles和强大的大气所吸引的人,甚至是那些根本不想将卫星扬声器放在客厅后面的人,SP9YA可能是一个很好的解决方案。

But the SP9YA has tough competition from ourfavorite soundbar overall,,,,the $800Sonos弧。You could also get a powerful, full-surround setup inVizio's Elevatewhich offers the best dollar-for-dollar Atmos performance out there for at or below the SP9YA's $1,000 MSRP.

然后有像预算友好的酒吧Vizio M-Series 5.1.2orMOMPRICE SB-600,,,,which have fewer add-on features but also offer physical rear speakers for hundreds less. The SP9YA's Dolby Atmos performance is better than the latter two, and to be fair, it does create a wide enough soundstage to provide a decent illusion of rear speakers. However, it just doesn’t beat the real deal. You can pick upLG的Sky8-Sspeakers to eradicate the issue, but that adds about $180 to an already pricey package.

如果LG的定价历史记录是任何指标,那么SP9YA可能会达到较低的零售价。在这些条件下,对于任何打算主要用于电影和电视节目的人来说,这都是一个不错的选择。这只是您在SP9YA恒星Dolby Atmos及其支持格式的洗衣清单上售出的是否足够出售的问题,以获取其出售,还是选择其中一位功能强大的竞争对手。

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